“Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… not dead yet: “Quasar Media Player”

Alright, this blog has been very quiet for the last few months. That’s partially due to me being very busy with other stuff. I’m slowly picking up pace and getting things done again. So, here is a short update on the media player that I’m currently developing for my Zaurus. Well, actually it’s been in […]

“Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… done differently . (Phase 2.1: Development progress 2)

Yet another short update on the development of my still untitled media player for the Zaurus. In the meantime it’s called YAZMP. Again, I’ve been working on improving performance – this time on the performance when loading playlists. Before I continue, let me give a brief overview of the structure: Library -> Playlists < -> […]

“Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… done differently . (Phase 2: Development progress, no release yet.)

So, like I’ve already mentioned in my previous comment, I’ve got some free time to work on my pet project here. Development progress I’ve been optimizing a lot under the hood. Tons of blood, sweat and tears have already run into optimizing the core parts. Coming from a different background in programming, namely a desktop […]

“Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… done differently . (Phase 1: Teasing)

Tell me what you think. I won’t comment on anything though. This is work in progress – it’s not finished. I won’t publish any additional features besides what you can read below. Here is the information I can give right now: Yes, this is derived from ZPlayer, however, the core is different. Right now, please […]

SQLite performance tuning and optimization on embedded systems

Based on the experience I gained while developing my Zaurus media player, here is a short compendium of optimization rules, tweaks and hints when using SQLite on an embedded system (may apply to other systems as well): Simplify the database schema as much as possible – even if that means redundant data or illogical structure […]